About a Hiace, it is a lineup and the characteristic

A Hiace is the body head, body width, a pair of the roof shape, and four kinds exist for a body shape. An engine, a pair of the grade join this.
There is the most shipment number, but the supermarket long shot that can find approaching wide room space is used most for Cab conversion when I look at the standard body in the whole domestic Hiace if only a camper says. Cost to remodel into a popup roof and the high roof is controlled to meet camper requirements that the studding in front of galley is more than 1,600mm even if I do not remodel the body in particular, and, as a result, a price may become lower in supermarket long shot. However, come from the smallest radius of gyration more than size and 6m of the body; because take it, and the badness and the full length of the mawashi exceed 5m, an extra charge may be necessary by parking lot and ferry in some cases, and it is necessary to know the demerit.
As for the standard body, the good sumo wrestler's loincloth becomes the gourd. Because it is a car and size not to change, footwork is good in the downtown, and there is not the thing that I am in trouble in particular at the parking lot of the supermarket. As an everyday foot, on holidays, it is usually most suitable for how to use such as sleeping on the train as a camper.

About the japanese used cars, such as Hiace van, Hiace wagon and so on.