The Canter series is popular

A truck of Mitsubishi, Canter gut. I cancel sale in 2010 and can confirm the figure now only in a used market. There becomes considerably few being sold to the used market of the Canter gut. It becomes often exported to the foreign countries such as rising nations, and this is because Mitsubishi Canter is higher in needs in the country. About a purchase, may a price become cheaper? but a truck of Mitsubishi Fuso is a foreign country, but popularity in particular becomes higher. Therefore it may be said that the purchase at some price can expect even Canter gut. The used car number of the Canter gut is considerably low as 150. It seems to cause it that production in Japan stops, that popularity becomes higher abroad. The purchase market price price of average considerably becomes cheaper with approximately 700,000 yen from 500,000 yen. I may be stopped producing, and it may be said that the mileage is long. That because traffic in Japan decreases, there are many suppliers exporting it to the foreign countries. In that case, the purchase price turns big just to change the timing of the purchase. You should see it about the foreign currency and Japanese Yen exchange rates.