The current Canter is so superior

Mitsubishi Fuso truck bus is a major manufacturer by a truck.
It is a Canter Mitsubishi Fuso produces it as an under-seat engine-style small type, and to sell.
It is a car exported in a popular car model directly in not only Japan but also Europe by Mitsubishi Fuso.
Of the maker, besides, is exported to the foreign countries by the recycling supplier of the car, and is sold as a used car.
It is a car known as the inside and outside the country, but FBA/FEA, B C system of 8 biggest May is sold now by a first T720 type sold in 1963.
It is charm that 4WD, the eco-hybrid, gut and kind are abundant.
The class's first ABS is a key how long in comparison with the first generation you evolved.
The ABS is the run outbreak that what the driver who may go to the various parts of Japan at a long distance is afraid of most is running about an anti-lock braking system.
Because I could reduce this with an anti-lock braking system, I was able to drive much more safely than before.
It is an unprecedented point that the present Canter was able to set this optionally.
In addition, it is a nice merit to have made power window standard features.

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